Bread/Cheese Boards

Bread/Cheese Boards made of Ash and Walnut
Large      (18″ x 12″)       Price $90.00

Medium (15″ x 10″)       Price $70.00
Small      (12″ x 8″ )        Price $55.00

These quality wooden bread/cheese boards are handcrafted by Marvel Woodworking in West Chester, PA. The boards are made out of Ash and Walnut, have sleek lines, arcing curves and a handle for carrying and storage. Splines have been added to the ends to help stabilize the wood for heavy use. The large board comes standard with a juice groove. The cutting surface is reversible. The boards are protected with a food safe finish and should be re-coated with oil annually. To clean, wipe with mild soap, water, and a damp cloth. The boards come in three standard sizes, however all products can be customized to order. The boards are approximately 1″ thick.


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