Marvel Woodworking designs and builds handcrafted custom woodworks out of its shop located in West Chester, PA. Each piece is designed and finished to meet our customer's requirements.

Our projects include residential and commercial work such as dining, kitchen and coffee tables, doors, bar tops, freestanding and built-in cabinets, TV and media storage units, shelving and display cabinets, planter boxes, bed frames and headboards as well as smaller projects such as jewelry boxes, small decorative boxes, specialty cutting boards and trivets.

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How its Made

See how some of the handcrafted items are made.

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Handcrafted Holiday Gifts

Handcrafted items made from solid woods.  If you are looking for a holiday gift that is handcrafted, please consider the following. 

Fish Trivets (8″H x 13.5″ W) – Price $32
Pig Serving Trays                        $69-$109
Cheese/Bread Boards                $55-$90
Small Boxes                                   $40-$55
3 Drawer Jewelry Box                $230
6 Drawer Jewelry Box                $345

Woods: ash, cherry, maple, padauk, walnut, white oak

Bath Vanity and Storage Cabinet

Bath Vanity, Storage and Tub Surround

Custom built-in bath vanity, above counter storage cabinet and matching tub surround. All doors and matching tub surround are made of solid wood with tongue & groove beaded planks. Doors are held together with battens on the inside which have been dovetailed into the planks. 

Wood: Solid poplar doors, drawers and face frames. Cabinets are 3/4″ maple lumber core plywood
Finish: Semi-Gloss beige    


Pig Shaped Serving Boards

Pig Serving Boards
Price $69/$89/$109

Small – 18.5″W x 13.5″H x 1.75″T
Medium – 23″W x 13.5″H x 1.75″T
Large – 30″W x 18.5″H x 1.75″T

These wooden serving boards are made from solid wood in the shape of a pig. The boards are finished with a food safe oil and wax blend that will keep the wood looking fresh and can be re-coated annually. The boards are handcrafted and made from solid black walnut. 

Woods: Walnut

Fish Trivet

Fish Trivets (8″H x 13.5″ W)
Price $36

These trivets are in the shape of a fish and are made from solid wood. The trivets are finished with a durable coating which offers protection for your table top when warm pans or containers are placed on top of them. The trivets are handcrafted and made from a combinations of wood including (ash, cherry, walnut, wenge and padauk). 

Woods: ash, cherry and walnut


Live Edge Bar Top

Live Edge Bar Top (2″T x 18″ W x 13′ L)

This is a custom “live edge” bar top made from slabs of black walnut. The bar top is U shaped and is made up of four individual slabs that are joined together. The top has a hand rubbed varnish and satin finish. 

Woods: black walnut
Finish: Oil based satin

Custom Display Box

Custom Display Box (15″H x 45″ W x 8″ D)

These are custom hanging display boxes made to show a grill and patch for an Aston Martin. The box is made of black walnut and ash. The walnut box has an ash banding inlay on the frame and ash splines on the mitered corners.  A small base was built to display the badge. The lights are mini LED spot lights with varying beam spreads for effect. The boxes are built with a french cleat in the back so that they may be hung more easily and securely to the wall.

Woods: ash, walnut
Finish: Oil based satin

Small Box

Small Box (3″H x 3″ W x 3″ D)
Price $40-55

These small decorative boxes can used used as a ring box, candy dish or just as a decorative box. The boxes are handcrafted and made from combinations of wood including (ash, spalted maple, cherry, ambrosia maple, walnut, padauk, bubinga and wenge). They are finished in a satin or semi-gloss finish. Each box comes with a bottom insert made of a soft material in a variety of colors and textures.

Woods: ash, spalted maple, cherry, ambrosia maple, walnut, padauk, bubinga, wenge


Custom Built Entry Door

Custom Built Entry Door

Custom handcrafted entry door made from the wood of a single cherry tree. This door was a commissioned piece built for a customer. The door is 3.5″ wide and features a tinted 3 pane window and a set of hand forged handles and hinges. The door is built using insulation, foam gaskets and Tyvek and has a double seal on the door jamb.

Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box (14″ H x 11.5″ W x 6.5″ D)
Price: $345-$395

Handcrafted jewelry boxes custom made from a combination of walnut, cherry, maple and ash. The jewelry boxes have five pull out drawers with optional dividers and are felt lined. The top drawer is accessible through the lift-up top. There are two side compartments which open from the side. Each compartment contains hangers for necklaces and bracelets. Knobs are stainless steel or brass.